Don Haggart

The Man and His Music

        After more than thirty years as a singer/songwriter, Don Haggart has come to be known as a pioneer in the Canadian Country Music industry. His 2006 induction into the Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame places him in the company of inductee legends, such as Wilf Carter and Hank Snow. Don's ten hit songs, including Nashville Girl and Pictou County Jail, are now Canadian Country Classics.

        Don has never known a time when his mind wasn't filled with melodies and rhymes. From earliest childhood he had but one dream - to be a singer/songwriter. His many years of writing have y
ielded a large body of work ranging from country ballads to contemporary lyrics and gospel songs. Most melodies and lyrics come to him as gifts in the quiet evening or pre¬dawn hours. Don's songs are born out of personal experience and from a deep well of emotion. His themes are universal - family, faith, love and nature. His words simply, yet beautifully, express the griefs and joys, the hopes and fears of not only the song writer but of the listener as well. Don has dedicated his life to the message that music can bring.

        Don has had ye
ars of success delighting audiences. Whether on the stage of Nashville's Grand Ole Opry, Wheelin' West Virginia's Jamboree, or of a small local benefit concert, Don Haggart gives his all and delivers a dynamic performance. His rich leathery voice and soulful sounds hauntingly touch an emotional chord which builds a warm and genuine rapport with his audience. Don's lyrics and melodies linger in the listener's heart and mind long after the concert is over, and The Man and His Music is gone.


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